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Our furry pet grooming courses are wide ranging and designed to make you fully-equipped to enter the industry, they include:

  • Bather brusher course – this is an introduction course and is imperative to becoming a dog groomer’s assistant. You will learn how to bath a pooch, brush them, and begin the basics of clipping and scissoring.

  • Intermediate grooming course – this part covers trimming, scissoring, clipping the pup, and styling skills – once you have taken the course you will be enabled to become a groomer so this course is essential.

  • Intense combined course – combining the brusher course with the intermediate grooming course is a great way for those people who do not have heaps of time to complete the course. You will receive both certificates upon the completion of this course.

  • Advanced course – this course is a lot of fun and is undertaken at your salon – here you will learn finish the scissoring lesson, and learn about breed specific ways of grooming.


                                                         Dog Grooming Essentials


The Australian Dog Grooming School’s Dog Grooming Essentials (DGE) program covers all practical skills necessary for professional dog grooming.  DGE is a multi-part program that:


  • Is for new groomers and covers those skills necessary to become an accomplished groomer’s assistant.

  • Covers trimming, scissoring, clipping and styling skills to enable you to become a professional dog groomer.     

  • Is an advanced, breed-specific course which includes; Poodles, Terriers and Gundogs.

  • Includes an occupational health and safety unit to provide a safe environment for staff, customers and pets.

  • Is about how to manage a pet grooming business including; start up, legal obligations, business plans, financial and staff management, and sales promotion.


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All courses include an online component consisting of theory only, given to students prior to the commencement of in-class dates.