Why Choose Us



Small Classes

With a maximum of six students in each course, this small number ensures you receive plenty of individual attention from the teacher.

As each student is given their own dogs to complete, you will also benefit from, not only grooming your own allocated dogs but seeing the different dogs your classmates are grooming alongside you, throughout your days of school attendance.

With a variety of breeds, sizes and temperaments, there's no other opportunity to see this many dogs at once!

Complete your Own Grooms

You'll be assigned your own dog each day to complete from start to finish, no sharing with other students or waiting your turn.

We maximise the time you spend in class and ensure you are participating in hands-on grooming experience for the majority of your time in class.

All Inclusive Pricing & Complete Transparency

There's no extra hidden costs and everything you need to know is right here on our website.

All equipment is supplied, including a uniform top while you are at the school.

You'll be provided with all the study materials you need and may keep your training manuals upon completion.  

Online Learning

We have an online learning component that you start before attending your course, ensuring you are ready to absorb all the hands-on teaching you can whilst at the school.

There will be further homework to complete throughout the course and this is why we ensure a three day weekend so there's time for everything!

Ongoing Support

When you leave ADGS you don't leave alone.  We provide ongoing support in your new venture and host a group for all our graduates to network and seek assistance from our teachers and each other.

You'll also receive discounts for continued online learning and software for running your own salon, should you take this path.



Upon graduating from ADGS you'll receive certification for your completed course to show prospective employers the competencies you have gained throughout your time with us.

Recognised School

As the oldest dog grooming school in Australia, ADGS is well-known and recognised both here and overseas.

Future employers can be assured you have received high quality, comprehensive training from industry experts.