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10 days practical training at ADGS + 20 hours of online theory work

Our Intensive Course is our most popular course choice and is the perfect option for aspiring groomers looking to gain employment in the industry or start their own business. This value-packed short course is designed to build your grooming skills from the ground up and will have you competently completing your own grooms in just a few weeks! 


Our curriculum is dedicated to teaching safe and professional dog grooming techniques and practices, and students will learn the fundamentals and foundations of dog grooming, including: 

  • Dog Grooming Essentials

  • Bathing and Brushing Techniques

  • Clipping and Scissoring Skills

  • Styling Techniques

course inclusions

  • Online Learning Students complete an online learning component before attending their course. This component is filled with a variety of lectures, modules and quizzes, and has been designed to gear your mind and prepare you for your hands-on-learning at the school. This component is roughly 20 hours and is sent to you 3 weeks prior to your course start date. 

  • Practical Learning - After you have completed the online learning component, you will attend 10 days of hands-on training at our state-of-the-art grooming facility with our experienced industry trainers. You will work on a variety of breeds throughout the duration of the course and learn a range of different grooming skills and techniques each day. 

  • Tools & Equipment- We supply you with everything you need to succeed with no hidden costs. Students will be given their own set of grooming tools to use throughout the course, as well as assigned their own grooming station and dog to work on each day (that's right, no sharing or waiting your turn). 

  • Learning Resources & Certificates - We provide comprehensive study materials including training manuals with step-by-step processes and diagrams which are yours to keep upon completion of the course. Students will receive 2x ADGS Certifications at graduation, which can be used to show off their competence in bathing/brushing and scissoring skills to future employers and/or clients.

  • Continued Learning & Support - When you leave ADGS you don't leave alone. We provide ongoing support in your new venture and host an alumni group for all our graduates to network and seek assistance from our teachers and each other. Students also receive a variety of discounts on grooming products and equipment, from a variety of retailers.

Course Outline

  • The importance of dog grooming

  • The grooming salon

  • Safe handling

  • Pet safety and welfare

  • Grooming equipment and chemicals

  • Grooming safety and hygiene

  • Dog coat types and textures

  • Dog anatomy

  • Animal health and skin disorders

  • Shampoos conditioners and rinses

  • Cleaning ears

  • Feet and nails

  • Hydrobathing/Bathing

  • Brushing 

  • Drying the Dog

  • Presenting the dog

  • Pet hair clippers

  • Clipper and blade maintenance

  • Clipping basics

  • Clipping procedures

  • Clipping techniques

  • Clipper irritation

  • Grooming with scissors

  • Grooming with thinners and blenders

Additional training


Intensive Course students who are looking to undertake more practical training can complete an additional 4 days of clipping and scissoring skills for a discounted rate of $1,900.

course dates 

You can view upcoming start dates for our Intensive Course dates here.



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