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ABOUT the course




Intermediate and experienced groomers


4 days 

Embark on a journey towards grooming greatness through our specialised Upskill Course. Tailored for both recent Intensive Course graduates and seasoned groomers with prior experience, this course has been carefully designed to cater to your specific needs and aspirations. 


It offers you the opportunity to master sought-after grooming skills through immersive, hands-on training, all under the guidance of our esteemed industry leaders. Across a span of 4 days, you'll have the chance to acquire and refine specialised techniques, propelling your grooming career and business to unprecedented heights.

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What will you learn?

  • Teddy/Asian Styling: Learn the art of creating adorable teddy and Asian inspired grooming styles, giving your furry clients a charming and trendy appearance.

  • Scissoring Skills: Refine your technique in the use of various scissors to achieve precise cuts and flawless finishes.

  • Style Grooming: Understand the techniques involved in style grooming, where you'll learn to create longer legs than the body, providing a fashionable and elegant appearance that's bound to turn heads. 

  • Fluff Drying: Discover the best practices for fluff drying – an essential grooming step that not only boosts volume but also achieves a polished and flawless appearance.

  • Shape and structure understanding: Develop a keen eye for shape and structure, gaining a deeper understanding of how to create balance and symmetry that suits each dog's unique structure.

  • Learning how to scissor effectively: Master the art of scissoring and achieve flawless finishes. You will learn how to manage your time productively and learn the essentials to achieving overall balance and symmetry.

  • Improving scissoring technique: Our industry leaders will guide you through ways to improve your scissoring technique with a variety of scissors, polishing your skills to achieve the desired look.

  • The Mastery of the Finishing Comb: Unlock the secrets to effectively using a finishing comb, grasp its significance, and master the art of selecting the perfect comb to bring your clients' desired looks to life.

All equipment, tools, and dogs will be provided to students throughout the course at NO additional cost


 This course serves as the natural progression after the Intensive Course and is designed for intermediate level and experienced groomers with prior knowledge.


If you're uncertain whether this is the right fit for you, feel free to reach out to our admin team at

Course dates

You can view upcoming start dates for our Upskill Course here.



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