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Welcome to the school with the best grooming skills you'll ever get! Professional Dog Grooming is the fastest growing business in the world. Do you feel like its time for a career change? Are you wondering how you can extend your love for your own pets to serving other peoples pets as a dream career for you? Are you planning to upgrade your existing professional dog grooming and styling skills? Are you looking for the opportunity to have your own business?


A world that's constantly changing with the increasing number of dog breeds for professional dog groomers are greater than ever.


Director, Nicky Renwood is a certifier for the International Professional Groomers Inc. (IPG), a grooming judge and a licensed dog show judge being a member of Dogs Victoria, NSW & SA for over 35 years showing and handling all breeds taking many to best in show level. Her skills and experience developed from being a second generation in the dog industry along with owing her own grooming salon for 15 years and in 2004, opened The Australia Dog Grooming School.


Nicky represented Groom Team Australia (GTA) between 2009, through to 2012. In 2009, competed against 16 other countries coming 3rd in the sporting section.


She has been awarded, Best in Show's for grooming, in Australia & New Zealand. She is highly respected within the industry for instruction & development by the Australian Pet Associations.



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