Course Contents

Course 3

IGC3- Intermediate Grooming Course

8 days in class + online theory component - $3,500 


Course Three covers trimming, scissoring, clipping and styling skills to enable you to become a dog groomer. The object of this program is to prepare the student to be qualified to be employed or enter the grooming industry as a dog groomer. You will be competently finishing your grooms by the completion of the course.  The course consists of 8 days hands-on training and additional online learning to be completed prior to attending the school and throughout.  

IGC3 Covers

  • Grooming safety and hygiene

  • Dog coat types & textures

  • Pet hair clippers

  • Clipper and blade maintenance

  • Clipping basics

  • Clipping procedures

  • Clipping techniques

  • Clipper irritation

  • Grooming with scissors

  • Grooming with thinners and blenders